Current Repertoire:

Improvisational Structures & Game Pieces:

  • Circle Songs
  • Three Get Ready
  • Five Turn
  • Traveling Trios
  • Mystery Band
  • Trailer
  • Mi Casa, Su Casa


  • BlesSING: interactive theatrical music work by Moving Star
  • OTOYOTOY opera: Music by Thomas Cabaniss & Saskia Lane, libretto by Zoe Palmer
  • Whoever Sees the Light: Music by Moving Star
  • Mantra Mix: Music by Sasha Bogdanowitsch
  • What We Need is Here: Music by Thomas Cabaniss, text by Wendell Berry
  • Dee A Ley Dey : Music by Sasha Bogdanowitsch
  • Hermes Rising: Music by Sasha Bogdanowitsch, text by Sam Hamill
  • To Know the Dark: Music by Thomas Cabaniss, text by Wendell Berry
  • The Peace of Wild Things: Music by Sasha Bogdanowitsch, text by Wendell Berry

Folk Music:

  • You Got to Move: Sea Island shout trad. / arr. Moving Star
  • Carry My Burden: Music by Lotus Dickey / arr. Moving Star
  • Separating Line: traditional song excerpts / arrangement: Moving Star
  • Let Union Be: English drinking song trad. /arr. Moving Star

World Music:

  • Ama Ibu: Central African traditional / arr. Moving Star
  • O Ilios Evasilepse: Crete traditional / arr. Moving Star